About us

It all started at Rammefors Café in Borås 2004 with an idea conceived on a napkin by the founders Jalle and Daniel. Since then, the company has shown an impressive growth.

Today, Speed Group consist of more than 900 employees with facilities throughout southwestern Sweden. The head office is located in Borås.


On the first of September 2015 Ratos formally became the majority shareholder with 70% of the shares. The remaining 30% are shared between the two founders Jarl Ternander, Daniel Johansson and Jesper Andersson and CEO Catrin Wirfalk.


Speed Board of Directors is composed of Chairman Ingvar Nilsson, Henrik Joelsson (Ratos), Christian Johansson Gebauer (Ratos), Peter Nilsson, Åsa Keller Wannem och Jarl Ternander.



Speed Group's management consists of Catrin Wirfalk CEO, Michael Langelotz CFO, Pontus Björkman COO, Ann Nilsson COO, Costas Roussos CIO, Ulf Johansson HRM.




Speed Holding AB Org.nr. 559017-4578,

Speed Competence AB Org.nr. 556562-7642

Speed Professionals AB Org.nr. 556702-8765

Speed Production AB Org.nr. 556683-6622

Speed Education AB Org.nr. 556730-3937

Speed Logistics i Borås AB Org.nr. 556742-8585