Speed Competence


As a customer of Speed Competence, we can help you adapt your personnel numbers under collective agreements in both the short and the long term. We always have an ear to the ground to understand our customers and their needs, helping us remain at the fore in providing different solutions as no two organisations are the same. Speed's staffing managers have broad experience of various industries and are well acquainted with the conditions and demands faced by our customers. They are also familiar with the local and regional labour markets. Our managers' expertise and dedication ensure that the customer is offered the right staffing and solution to match their current needs.


We pride ourselves on our personnel, and together with our sister company, Speed Education, we are able to develop the expertise held throughout the group. This brings with it great opportunities and advantages for both our personnel and our customers.


Examples of areas of expertise:
- Assembly workers
- Forklift operators
- Warehouse workers
- Mechanics
- Welders
- Lathe operators
- CNC operators
- Machine operators
- Production technicians 
- Quality inspectors
- Drivers



For more information, please contact:
+46 (0)33 722 59 26