Speed Professionals

The company was founded in 2007 and is now one of the leading actors in the staffing and recruitment market in Sjuhäradsbygden, Gothenburg and Halland. By understanding the customer's operations and current and future needs, Speed Professionals shall offer the best staffing, recruitment and consulting solutions with a primary focus on white-collar workers.


Thanks to our personal and long-term partnerships with customers, over the years we have had an almost one-hundred percent success rate in personnel recruitment. Speed Professionals can provide staffing and recruitment solutions for white-collar workers in all industries. The areas in which we primarily operate are Finance, Administration, IT, HR, Engineering, Purchasing, Marketing and Sales.


We prioritise quality above all else and have never compromised on this – and never will!


Speed Professionals is a staffing and recruitment agency authorised by Almega. 
We currently offer services in the following areas:


- Staffing
- Recruitment
- Interim Management
- Office Services



For more information, please contact:


+46 (0) 33 722 59 37